Interior Architecture, Home Design & Classical Feng Shui

We Create Interior Spaces you Love to Live and Work in.

A Home for Living

Let us create a space that embraces and supports you in health, function, comfort, budget and wellbeing. A home with a soul using natural daylight, inventive use of space,  natural materials, quality craftsman, adaptability, colours that nourish, efficient storage, spaces that motivate and personal consideration for how you use your home.

Interior Design

Bringing interior design back to basics, focusing on simple, effective, affordable designs that return to a more traditional way of living with a modern approach.  Our ethos is to encourage reuse, re-purposing, re-inventing whilst moving away from faddy eco trends, commercialism and mass production.

Whole Thinking Design

Our customers know the importance their surroundings have on quality of life. We specialise in bringing together functional and practical design concepts, with understanding and consideration of wellbeing from the human senses, feelings and needs to simplicity and balance.

Classical Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui is the study of landform, orientation, positioning and time as a tool for environment analysis. Learn how to make the most of you property through identifying strengths and weaknesses, as a way to help provide support.

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